Monday, September 5, 2011

Mass Effect 2

No need to introduce this game since it is one of the most popular games in the last couple of years :)
The Mass Effect 2 last mission track is all you need before going all out...
Beautiful mystical start which then transforms into a courageous song that makes you go Super Saiyan :D
Nice track to listen to before going on a sport event which can be used to encourage your team including you ofc :)
All in all epic track that is a must in your game music playlist :D


  1. I freaking LOVE the music in the Mass Effect franchise. I would mine for hours just to chill out listening to the relaxing machinations of Mass Effect Satellite Radio

  2. Mass Effect has really amazing music, even ambient sounds are soothing and calming enough to warrant their own soundtrack! :D

  3. mass effect is a great game with great music! can't hardly wait for ME3.

  4. I still haven't got round to playing the second game. If the first is anything to go by, then the music is superb.

  5. haha i liked a lot of music from it
    when i finished i got the ost XD long time haha