Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Diablo III" Official Soundtrack

     So after waiting for so long ( so many years have passed since Diablo II I can't even remember :| ) our dear "Diablo III" has finally came out. And as the game came out so did the music :D
      "Russell Brower composed the music for Diablo III. When composing for the orchestra, he tried to respect the Wagnerian style from the expansion to the second game in the series, Lord of Destruction. The Overture is considered the main theme of the game and it has been performed by the Eminence Symphony Orchestra. A similar composition was used in the cinematic teaser trailer of the game. The Tristram theme from the first Diablo videogame, also used in the second game, is present in Diablo III with few changes." --> so yeah as many of you have probably expected ( and hoped ) among the very familiar style of music ( similar as in Diablo II ) is the remix for the track that was forever left in our hears, "Tristam"
***(Click on read more bellow this or on the picture for the actual tracks :] )***

    As always you can find all these tracks here:

     AND remember: If you actually like the music, buy it! It is the only way we can support our favorite music artists :) I'm not gonna bore you anymore so here are the links to the tracks
 (Note: Since this game has ALOT of tracks I will give you the link with the complete full soundtrack and also links of some of the most popular tracks out there.Enjoy :] )

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