Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Deus Ex: Human Revolution" Official Soundtrack

     Hello once again guys.So today I have decided to write about the official soundtrack of yet another famous game lately that is called: "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" . You all probably heard of this game since it is very famous among the gamer population and if you played if you probably know the impact of the music that was left on all of us.
      "Composed by Michael McCann, the soundtrack for Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an understated triumph. It recalls (and even occasionally quotes) Alexander Brandon's iconic score from the first Deus Ex while combining synths, electronic beats, and sampled vocals into a distinctive and evocative aural stew." - as seen on "" and I have to say I agree with them to the fullest.
     Triumph in all possible aspects the music in Deus Ex will definitely leave you breathless.
 ***(Click on read more bellow this or on the picture for the actual tracks :] )***

     Like always you can find all these tracks here:

AND remember: If you actually like the music, buy it! It is the only way we can support our favorite music artists :) I'm not gonna bore you anymore so here are the links to the tracks
 (Note: Since this game has ALOT of tracks I will give you the link with the complete full soundtrack and also links of some of the most popular tracks out there.Enjoy :] )


  1. Lovely blog. I've never played this game, but the music's super!

  2. I never enjoyed this game, but the concept was awesome, as was the music!